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Oops.. That's not me! :)

Net Name: Punchkid
Birth Date: September 01 1988
Age & Sign: 15 - Virgo
Gender: Male
Personal E-Mail:
Profession: High School Student
Place: Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Loves to do: Watching ABS-CBN shows on TV, Internet surfing, Web designing, reading "Star Studio" mag, Check Friendster, MIRC Chatting, listening to RX 93.1, writing stories, watching VCDs, read news papers
Hates to do: Tuning on GMA 7, laundry my clothes, sleeping most of the time, go out on a very hot weather, studying my lessons
Celebrity Idols: Claudine Barretto, Jericho Rosales, Vhong Navarro, Raphael Martinez, Kris Aquino
Favorite TV Shows: Star Circle Quest, Victim, Morning Girls, Maalaala Mo Kaya, Marina, It Might Be You, MTB, Bida si Mister Bida si Misis, Yes Yes Show, Kontrobersyal, Mangarap Ka, Judie, Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas, Tara Tena
College Course to take: Mass Communications
Future Plans: To be a TV and film director and scriptwriter and to be an ABS-CBN personality
Preferred words: "Whenever you feel down, you cry, shout, think, believe and never run"

Hi and Hello Friends! First of all, thank you for visiting this page. My own version of the Star Circle Quest web site. Well, I have hard time bulding this page and site. I started it weeks ago, and thankfully it was totally done. Visit it anytime you want, get to know the questors, review the show (esp. when you missed it), download a lot of photos exclusively from SCQ and know about your favorite talent quest. I wish I'd started it earlier, because, as of now, SCQ Season 1 is soon to end. But, thank's ABS-CBN that there will be an upcoming SCQ Season to come and still it will be featured exclusively in this site. And the questors, they will be starting a new career, no longer as questors, but as today's idols. I made this page solely for me, for the master of this site. Yah, I think, you don't even care of me. But, just want to express myself being a part of this job. I love want I'm doing and I know it. I first create a site, but it was a bit simple but perfectly updated, the ABS-CBN TV Guide ( - to those who want to be guided on ABS-CBN TV Shows). As I watch SCQ almost everyday and never let missed even one episode, I thought of doing something to provide everybody, most especially SCQ fanatics, maniacs and addicts. And here is it, the Star Circle Quest Web Zone! It's not the official, but it's a place for our favorite Star Circle Quest. I love ABS-CBN since then, I watch most of their shows and tuned on the channel most of my time everyday. Why? As simple as I can find the real entertainment on the network, the hottest idols and the nice programs. As you'll read above, Idreamed to be a TV and film director someday and at the same time being a scriptwriter, and much as well being a part of television, on ABS-CBN. It's too far to go, but I believe I could achieve it with my determination. Well, what more I can say you don't more even care about, is just enjoy the site, and much better to tell your acquaintances about this. Thank you very much, if you have something to tell me about whatever, just e-mail me (my address above).