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WEEK 1 :

Monday - October 11 2004
The most awaited return of Star Circle National Teen Quest premieres. The first destination for the nationwide search was in Northern Luzon, from the summer capital of the Philippines- Baguio. A thousands of teen wannabes had tried but only 14 teen questors received their most wished "IN" from the quest jurors. Star Circle National Teen Quest went back also to the "IN" and "OUT" moments of Sandara Park as a teen questor of SCQ Batch 1, on its SCQ Back Track.

Tuesday - October 12 2004
The selected "IN" 14 teen questors from Baguio were assigned each by the quest jurors for their Audition Missions. From 14 teen questors, 7 were "OUT" and only 6 were left as "IN" as Subic's finalists and were given their tickets to join the other questors who'll be "IN", to Manila. On SCQ Back Track, was the experiences Neri Naig went to as SCQ Batch 1 teen questor. Then, Star Circle National Teen Quest's next destination was Subic, Pampanga. It was a rainy day when a thousand of teens auditioned. Like on the Baguio audition, only 14 were voted as "IN". Subic's top 14 "IN" teen questors were assigned each for their Audition Missions. After their Audition Missions, the 14 faced the quest jurors again. The other teen questors went home sad as they were voted "OUT" and only 2 questors were "IN" as Star Circle National Teen Quest's Subic finalists.

Wednesday - October 13 2004
It was Legaspi City where the Star Circle National Teen Quest's third destination for a thousand of teen star aspirants. Only few teens got their most aspired "IN" from the quest jurors, and there were also several who went home sad as they were "OUT". While it's Joseph Bitangcol's turn to share his unforgettable moments as one of the Top 10 teen questors in SCQ Batch 1, for SCQ Back Track. After the Legaspi finalists performed their Audition Missions, only six from the top finalists were "IN" and ready to fly to Manila as Star Circle National Teen Quest's Bicol finalists. And, the fourth destination for Star Circle National Teen Quest was Bicol. The quest jurors selected only 13 from the Bicolano teens who tried.

Thursday - October 14 2004
The top 13 Bicol finalists were also given their own Audition Missions. Only those who did well were voted "IN" by the quest jurors and atleast 6 Bicol finalits were voted "IN" for Star Circle National Teen Quest and will be brought to Manila. On SCQ Back Track, it's Joross Gamboa's turn to share his exciting moments in the Star Circle Quest Batch 1. And after Star Circle National Teen Quest conquers the Central Luzon and Northern Luzon for Baguio, Subic, Legaspi and Bicol, the next destination was Bacolod in Central Visayas. As usual, only the best of the best were "IN" for the top 14 teen questors of Bacolod.

Friday - October 15 2004
Bacolod's top finalists went also to their assigned Audition Missions. From their Audition Missions, the quest jurors choose the best 6 questors to went to Manila for the Star Circle National Teen Quest. While on SCQ Back Track, Michelle Madrigal as a part of Star Circle Quest batch 1 shared her happy and sad moments in the quest. Then the next destination for Star Circle National Teen Quest was Cebu. A lot of teen Cebuanos tried for the search, but only 13 questors were "IN" and had chance to fly to Manila for the battle.

Saturday - October 16 2004
Cebu finalists were assigned each for Audition Missions. Through their Audition Missions, the quest jurors selected only 6 from Cebu to fly to Manila and join Star Circle National Teen Quest. After the Cebu screening, the next destination for Star Circle National Teen Quest was Cagayan de Oro. A lot of teen Uragons had tried, but from a thousands, only out of 50 will be facing the quest jurors. Through the judges, only 15 of them were chosen. The 15 Uragons were also given each their Audition Missions. After performing their Audition Missions, the quest jurors chose only 6 teens from Cagayan to join Star Circle National Teen Quest in Manila. Next destination was Davao. Only a number of Davaoeños faced the jurors. 14 were selected and they peform each their assigned Audition Missions. Finally, 6 teen Davaoeños will fly to Manila for Star Circle National Teen Quest.

WEEK 2 :

Monday - October 18 2004
Star Circle National Teen Quest's next destination was the the National Capital Region including Manila. There were a thousand of teen wannabes showed their talents. From the thousands, only a number questors were IN and will face next the quest jurors. While its Roxanne Guinoo's turn on SCQ Back Track, where she shared her moments in Star Circle Quest Season 1. From the number teen questors of NCR who faced the Quest jurors, only 25 were chosen IN.

Tuesday - October 19 2004
The IN 25 teen questors from National Capital Region faced the jurors and they were given each an Audition Mission. The questors were judged personally by the Quest jurors through their Audition Missions. On SCQ Back Track, it was Melissa Ricks' turn to share her story being one of the 1st batch of Star Circle Quest.

Wednesday - October 20 2004
From the 25 teen questors of NCR who performed their assigned Audition Missions, the Quest jurors only choose 17 of them that will join the other IN questors Star Circle National Teen Quest. And finally, the next destination for Star Circle National Teen Quest is the United States of America. A hundred of Fil-American teens tried and only 10 were chosen to perform in front of the Quest jurors. Through their performed talents, the Quest Jurors chose only 3 Fil-Am questors to join Star Circle National Teen Quest in Manila.

Thursday - October 21 2004
At last, the Top 60 Questors for Star Circle National Teen Quest were chosen from different places of the Philippines and in United States of America. The questors of from different provinces and from America packed their things and went to Manila. In ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporartion Studio, the Top 60 Questors were finally together. They were grouped according to their locations for their room in a Hotel. The 27 questors faced the Quest jurors for a challenge in acting assigned by the jurors.

Friday - October 22 2004
The other 33 questors followed to face the Quest jurors for an acting challenge. After the 60 teen questors who faced the jurors, they were judges through their acting performances.

Later, each group (according to their locations) were called to face the Quest jurors to tell who are IN and OUT. Finally, the 25 teen questors were voted IN are: Jason Abalos, Theo Bernados, Charles Christianson, OJ Decena, Haz Ismail, Marv Luna, Mark Pertgen, Enan Pitero, DM Sevilla, Aaron Villaflor, Bryan Villarosa, Ray-An Zurbano, Michelle Arcaga, Marla Boyd, Eda Cabilan, Paw Diaz, Sheda Dusaban, Nica Escandor, Erich Gancayco, Vane Grindrud, Bebs & KC Hollmann, Janelle Manahan, Franz Ocampo, Sciatzy Toeppe, and Gwend Villanueva.

WEEK 3 :

Monday - October 25 2004
The Magic Circle of 25 was already chosen. The 25 questors went into acting workshops at ABS-CBN again. Their next challenge was the 'Character Consistency Test', in where each of them will be assigned on different type of persons and they should act the way in the challenge that will be given to them. The Top 25 questors were divided into 5 groups with 5 members.

For Monday Group, there were Marv Luna, Eda Cabilan, Mark Pertgen, Erich Gancayco and OJ Decena. Each of them were given different 'manners' of a person for the Character Consistency Test: Marv as the deaf, Eda as the 'kikay', Mark as the superstituous, Erich as the 'talakera' and OJ as the nerd. They were assigned to go to the Payatas dumpsite and they should pick garbages from it. Every action of them should be based on the 'manner' assigned to them. After the challenge, each of them faced the jurors again for another acting performance. Still on their corresponding 'characters', the jurors asked them to pick the object inside a box. They gave their acting pieces using their assigned characters that shall be related to the object they've picked in front of the Quest jurors. Guest young actress Aiza Marquez joined them on their performances. Afterwards, the Quest jurors gave their negative comments and suggestions that regards to each of the questor's performance.

Tuesday - October 26 2004
Next to face the challenge was the Tuesday Group consist of Paw Diaz, Aaron Villaflor, Franz Ocampo, Theo Bernados and Gwend Villanueva. Like the first group, they went to the Character Consistency Test in where each of them will be assigned on different types of persons and they should act the way in the challenge that will be given to them. Paw was the 'antipatika', Aaron as the 'bondying', Franz as the 'lasing', Theo as the 'mali-maling magugulatin' and Gwend as the sad girl. The group were sent to the Star City as a challenge and they should were their corresponding costumes. Paw wore 'taong gubat' costume, Aaron for the 'siokoy' costume, Franz for the memaid costume, Theo for the gay costume and Gwend for the frog costume. They were assigned to seek for the boy holding a balloon on his hand and they should make him happy and every action of them should be based on their assigned manners. After the Star City challenge of entertaining the people too, the Tuesday Group questors faced the Quest jurors one by one. They were asked to pick the object from the box and perform an acting piece using their characters related to the objects they've picked and joined them was teen actress Sarah Cristophers.

Wednesday - October 27 2004
The Wednesday Group of questors was next and they were consist of Jason Abalos, Haz Ismail, Vane Grindrud, Nica Escandor and the twins Bebs & KC Hollmann. Like the Monday and Tuesday Group of questors, they also went into this Character Consistency Test in where each of them will be assigned on different types of persons and they should act the way in the challenge that will be given to them. Each of their characters are: Jason as the 'probinsiyano', Vane as the lesbian, Haz as the 'siga', Nica as the shy type and Bebs & KC as the 'sosyalera'. Their challenge was in Quiapo. First, they were asked to bought a medicine for stomach ache in one of the vendors using their characters. Afterwards, the vendor gave them the clue for the next assignment. Still in Quiapo, they served as waiters and waitresses in a Restaurant still with their corresponding manners. Their next challenge to be beggars along Quiapo using their characters still. Later, the five questors of Wednesday group faced the Quest jurors once again. Like the other questors of Monday and Tuesday group, they were asked to pick an object from a box and they should act about it using their characters. Guest young actor Eman Abeleda joined each of them on their performances.

Thursday - October 28 2004
It was the day for the Thursday Group of questors. They were consist of DM Sevilla, Janelle Manahan, Charles Christianson, Michelle Arcaga and Sciatzy Toepe. Same with the past group of questors, the five questors of Thursday Group went to this Character Consistency Test. Each of them will be assigned on different types of persons and they should act the way as their character in the challenge that will be given to them. DM played as the 'dugyutin', Janelle as the 'sakitin', Charles as the bully, Michelle as the schizophrenic and Sciatzy played as the pretty but stupid. Their challenge was in a wet market in where they should seek first for a male vendor who will give them the clue for the next task. Their next assignment was to sell fresh fishes using their assigned characters. Each of the Thursday Group questor selled well and quickly. From the wet market, they proceed to the ABS-CBN studio to face the Quest jurors. They picked an object in a box there as asked by the jurors and they should present an acting performance using their characters and the object with celebrity guest Mickey Ferriols.

Friday - October 29 2004
The last group was the Friday Group. The questors of the group were Bryan Villaflor, Sheda Dusaban, Enan Pitero, Marla Boyd and Ray-an Zurbano. Their destination for their assignments was the Manila Zoo. They were also given their character manners for the Character Consistency Test. Bryan was the 'iritable', Sheda was the 'makulit', Enan the Mr. Suave, Marla as the 'know-it-all' and Ray-an as the 'praning'. Their task was to serve as a tour guide of the Zoo and entertain people especially children. After the challenge in the Manila Zoo, they went back to Studio to face the Quest jurors. They were the last group to present their acting pieced using their characters in front of the jurors. Guest teen actor was Mikel Campos who joined them each on their performances.

Later, the Top 25 questors went to the ABS-CBN Studio to face again the Quest jurors. It was a special day because the Magic Circle of 15 will be finally chosen. Biggest regret for questors Marv Luna, Mark Pertgen, Sheda Dusaban, Gwend Villanueva, Eda Cabilan, Ray-an Zurbano, Bryan Villaflor, Haz Ismail, Nica Escandor and Sciatzy Toepe who were voted "OUT". Remaining Jason Abalos, Theo Bernados, Charles Christianson, OJ Decena, Enan Pitero, DM Sevilla, Aaron Villaflor, Michelle Arcaga, Marla Boyd, Paw Diaz, Erich Gancayco, Vane Grindrud, Bebs & KC Hollmann, Janelle Manahan and Franz Ocampo who were luckily "IN" as the Magic Circle of 15.

WEEK 4 :

Monday - November 01 2004
Out of 25 last week, 15 Questors remained as the Magic Circle of 15. They were grouped into 3 with 5 questors each. The Black team, Blue team and the White team. Their next assignment is to collect money from ordinary people around Quezon City Circle. Each of them showed their best talent to every person they saw and they luckily received money from them. The money they will earned will be donated to ABS-CBN's Bantay Bata Foundation. After earning money, the 15 questors went back to ABS-CBN Studio to face again the Quest jurors. First, the jurors gave their crucial comments and reactions regarding the Top 15 questors' performance while collecting money around Quezon Circle. Then, the judges called 5 questors to stay in front, saying that 2 of them were the strongest questors while the left 3 were the weakest for them. The 5 questors called were Michelle, Vane, Bebs & KC, Charles and Paw. Each of them was commented by the Quest jurors and finally stated who are the strongest and weakest. The two strongest questors were Michelle and Vanessa while the weakest questors were Paw, Charles and the twins Bebs & KC.

Tuesday - November 02 2004
The next assignment for the Top 15 questors was around Quiapo. Still with their corresponding groups (3 groups with 5 questors each), the questors' task was to engage in some business in Quiapo. The Raging red team were assigned to serve in a 'Gotohan', while the Blazing black team were to sell 'ukay-ukay' clothes in 'tiangge' and the Wild white team sell different kind of goods like ice cream, banana cue and 'palamig' in the street. After the work they went to in Quiapo, the Top 15 questors faced the Quest jurors again. The jurors judged, and at the same time remarked their performances as workers. 5 questors were called again to step in front. They are DM, Enan, OJ, and for the second time, Charles with Bebs & KC. Each of them were asked to show their performances in their work in Quiapo, again in front of the jurors. Afterwards, the jurors commented badly about their participations. Otherwise from yesterday, the 5 questors called were all weakest and none of them was the strongest. Twins Bebs and KC were said to be the questors with the worst performance.

Wednesday - November 03 2004
Another task were assigned to the Top 15 questors and it was to find job along the streets of Manila. Each group, Blazing black team, Raging red team and Wild white team, seek for different works to earn money. The Raging red team served as Trycicle terminal barkers, while the Blazing black team as the 'masahista's and the Wild white team's job was Gas Station cleaners. They luckily earned money easily through the jobs they entered. After the whole day of work along the street, the 15 questors went back to ABS-CBN Studio to face the Quest jurors again. As usual, their performances were observed by the jurors and gave their crucial notices. There were 5 questors called to step in front, who are Jason, Theo, Franz, Charles and Michelle. The jurors commented on each of them in their participations. Then finally. differently from the other days, the jurors stated that the 5 questors called were the questors with the best performances.

Thursday - November 04 2004
It's a day again of another task for the Top 15 questors. Their next chore is to sell different kind of goods along the streets on Manila. Still with their groups (Blazing black team, Raging red team & Wild white team), the 15 questors selled different things individually to every person they saw. Like their passed tasks, they did not just sell, but they entertain the people too with their talents on singing and dancing. After finishing selling the goods and collecting money, the Top 15 questors were back to face the Quest jurors. The jurors gave their sizzling comments and reactions that regards to their participation as vendors. 5 questors were called to step in front again, with the most catching performance (wether the best or worst). The 5 are Enan, Charles (for the 4th time), Jason, Aaron and the only girl Janelle. They were asked each to show their performance in front of the jurors. The 3 strongest questors were Jason and Charles while the 3 left who are Aaron, Enan and Janelle.

Friday - November 05 2004
This is the last day of their whole week of tasks. Their next assignment was to entertain people in Marikina by "magic". First, they were trained and taught by magic experts. Then, each of them showed the audiences in Marikina their own magic tricks. The people of Marikina enjoyed the show of the Top 15 questors, who also sang and danced. After their whole week of participation on different challenges and assignments, the 15 went together on ABS-CBN's Bantay Bata Foundation office and presented their earned money (costs over 18,000+) from their whole week of work. The Bantay Bata Foundation president Tina Monson-Palma, received the donation and thanked the questors a lot. It was time again to face the Quest jurors. The jurors were not still completely satisfied on their performances in Marikina as magicians. Like the passed days, 5 questors were called to step in front. They are Charles again (for the 5th time), OJ, Erich, Vane and the twins Bebs & KC again (3rd time). They were individually asked to pick any object from a table and the jurors will assign a situation for them that they will act. Each of the 5 called questors received the hot criticisms from the jurors. When ranked, Erich and Vane were the strongest questors, while the 3 left, Charles, OJ and Bebs & KC were the weakest questors.

Later, the moment has come. The Top 15 questors will be judged again by the Quest jurors and only 12 of them will be IN for the Magic Circle of 12. But surprisedly, nobody of them was voted out. Meaning, the Top 15 or the Magic Circle of 15 is now the Final Questors!

WEEK 5 :

Monday - November 08 2004
The Final 15 Questors were given a chance to dress up theirselves according to their style. They entered individually in a dressing room filled with dresses and accesories and they will be the one to decide on what clothes and accesories to wear. For this time, the Quest jurors to judge them are veteran and respected male fashion designer, female dermatologist and male hair dresser. The 3 jurors were the one who judged their fashion statement of the questors. Each of the Magic Circle of 15, face the jurors. The hair dresser commented on their hair style, on what is better and worst for each. The dermatologist observed their complexion and suggested products to add glow on their skin. While the fashion dessigner reacted on the way they dress and at the same time suggested the right clothes that will fit them and look good.

Tuesday - November 09 2004
After dressing theirselves through their own fashion style, the questors went to popular dermatologist and salon for some make-over. Each of them went into hairstyling similar to those personalities that will fit them. After going into a make-over, the questors were finally changed in make-up and hairstyles. And according to them, they found their look more appealing like a star. With their new looks, the 15 questors faced the Quest jurors again who will comment and observe what was on them. After hearing the funny comments and observations from the jurors, the questors were also given a chance to comment on their co-questors' new looks. Lastly, two questors were called. Janelle as the weakest questor and Franz as the strongest questor for the exercise.

Wednesday - November 10 2004
The next exercise for the Magic Circle of 15 is the right facing on the camera. Ramp Model and TV Host Phoemela Barranda served as their mentor for them to learn the best poses style when having a photo shoot. Afterwards, the 15 questors were ready for photo shoots as they went to a famous photographer for celebrities. They were dressed up on different clothes plus make-up and they were asked to do their own pose for the camera. Each of the questors gave their best looks for the photo shoot. Finally, the Final 15 questors went back to the Studio to face the Quest jurors again. For this time, their giant photos was observed and commented. The jurors asked them also to gave their best poses with an 'attitude' in front of them. And for the second time, Janelle was voted as the weakest questor and Charles & Paw was the strongest one.

Thursday - November 11 2004
After appeaing on their new look and pose for a camera shot, the 15 questors' next exercise is posing the right way in a print advertisement. Each of them was given different products and they should do a pose on it in their own way. Following it were the Quest jurors' observations. Next was appearing on a poster for an upcoming movie. With their own partners, the questors gave their best shots representing the title and genre of a movie stated by the jurors. The Quest jurors gave their funny but serious comments with the questors' performance. At last, Arron, Bebs & KC was voted as the strongest questors for the print ad exercise while Janelle, for the thrid time, was the weakest for the said exercise. In the movie poste exercise, Charles and Vanessa were the strongest while Jason and Paw were the weakest.

Friday - November 12 2004
Last day for the week of the 15 questors. Their next exercise was all about pose and projection. International Beauty Queen and Actress, Melanie Marquez was their mentor for this activity. Ms. Melanie taught them the right way of posing and projecting on camera. The questors were also given a chance to walk as a model and Ms. Melanie corrected their mistakes in modelling. Afterwards, the 15 questors used what they have learned from Ms. Melanie Marquez, when they (by 5 questors) had a modelling performance in front of the Quest jurors. The jurors gave their observations and reactions regarding their participations. Then, for them the best models or the strongest questors were Janelle and Jason while the worst models or the weakest questors were DM and Theo.

Later, a special night was held 'live' at ABS-CBN Studio for Star Circle National Teen Quest Fashionista Night. As introduction, Geneva Cruz and Angelika dela Cruz presented a song number. For the awarding, Charles was declared as the Voter's Choice for the week. The Magic Circle of 15 questors used what they learned for the past week, on posing, projecting and modelling. They were divided into 3 batches with 5 members who will project themselves with different fashion statement. The first batch of questors were DM, Vanessa, Jason, Franz, and Michelle who ramped an Anime fashion statement. The second batch was consist of Theo, Marla, Arron, Bebs & KC, and Charles who ramped a Rock Star fashion statement. The last batch of questors were Paw, Raynan, Janelle, OJ, and Erich as they ramped a Formal fashion statement. Other special guests were Dice & K9, Sheryn Regis and Erik Santos. Celebtrity jurors like Angelu de Leon, Bobby Andrews, Jolo Revilla, Danica Sotto, Roxanne Guinoo, Patrick Garcia, Mickey Ferriols, Carlos Agassi, Alessandra and Assunta da Rossi, were the one who judged and commented on the dresses they presented. Lastly, the celebrity jurors stated that DM, Janelle, Erich, Charles, and Paw were the best models or strongest questors while Arron alone was the worst model or the weakest questor. When the Quest jurors came, they divided the 15 questors to two groups. The other group was the strongest, while the rest were the weakest. The questors thought that night will be a farewell to one co-finalist. But it was a big surprise when the Quest jurors announced that nobody of them that night will be OUT.

WEEK 6 :

Monday - November 15 2004
The next exercise for the Final 15 questors is dancing. Choreographer and dancer Joshua Zamora and Hotlegs member Georcelle Dapat taught them the right ways in following the steps in dancing. They practiced some steps, and the questors' mentors were strict when they made mistake. The 15 questors were also grouped, and showed their dancing steps to their mentors.

Tuesday - November 16 2004
Singer and composer Jim Paredes served as the Final 15 questors' mentor for their singing exercise. Each of them was asked to sing their favorite song. Mr. Jim Paredes practiced them on the right way of singing. Afterwards, with what they learned form Jim Paredes, the 15 questors performed a song no. in front of the Quest jurors with celebrity jurors, two multi-awarded and respected composers. Lastly, the Quest jurors announced three strongest questors as the best singers, who were DM, Paw and Theo. While the weakest questors as the worst singers were Jason, Franz and Michelle.

Wednesday - November 17 2004
The 15 questors went to serious singing. They went into recording with the help of their mentors.

Thursday - November 18 2004
After learning the right way in dancing and singing, the 15 questors' next exercise was on how to make a music video. Veteran music videos director Tots Mariscal was their mentor on that activity. They were assigned to imitate a foreign music video and present it in front of the director. Tots Mariscal gave his comments and suggestions that could be better for the questors' performance. Facing the Quest jurors again, they were grouped to 5 with 3 questors each. The quest jurors assigned them on a situation that they should act based on the props around them and the playing music. Finally, the weakest questors called were Janelle, Jason and Vanessa while the strongest were Bebs & KC, Theo and Arron.

Friday - November 19 2004
The 15 questors went to do a music video. Divided into 5 groups with 3 members each, the questors did their music videos. They were judged by the Quest jurors according to their performances.

Later, LIVE at ABS-CBN Studio is the much-awaited first elimination special. Charles received the award as the Voter's choice for the week and Arron for the Extraordinary Voter's Choice for the week, now in partnership with Nissin's Yakisoba. While, biggest regret for 5 questors OUT, Vanessa, Raynan, Marla, OJ and Paw. Remaining 10 Questors such as DM, Janelle, Jason, Bebs & KC, Arron, Franz, Theo, Erich, Charles and Michelle as the Magic Circle of 10.

WEEK 7 :

Monday & Tuesday - November 22/23 2004
The Magic Circle of 10 Questors went to their first ever Drama exercise. Award winning and veteran director Jose Javier-Reyes was their mentor for this acting exercise. For the first two days of the week, direk Joey gave them a Drama monologue. A one line script were fiven to them and they should say it in front of the director and their co-questors with feelings and emotion. Afterwards, each of them shared their sad moments in life with direk Jose Javier-Reyes.

Wednesday & Thursday - November 24/25 2004
After the Drama Monologue exercise, the 10 questors meet with veteran actors and actresses for their first single drama scene. Still directed by direk Jose Javier-Reyes, the questors had their acting pieces with the senior stars for these two days. Janelle with Princess Punzalan as her mother, DM with John Arcilla as his father, Franz with Sylvia Sanchez as her mother, Arron with Michael de Mesa as his father, Bebs & KC with Dianne Castilejo as their aunt, Charles with Jackylyn Jose as his mother, Erich with Cherry Pie Pecache, Jason with Mark Gil and Michelle with Gina Pareño. Afterwards, the Quest jurors commented on their pieces and gave them a chance again to show an emotion in front of them.

Friday - November 26 2004
For this last day of the week, the Magic Circle of 10 Questors had their first ever very own drama series entitled "Christmas Break" with veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa. The story was held on a dormitory with 10 teenagers with different characters.

Later, the Magic Circle of 10 Questors gathered together on Studio - LIVE for the Elimination Special of Star Circle National Teen Quest. One of them that night will to say goodbye. After presenting a very nice opening dance number, an award given for Theo who was the week's Extraordinary Voter's Choice by SCQ and Nissin's Yakisoba. Finally, the questors were divided into two groups. Charles, Erich, Arron, Theo and Michelle were luckily the safe one. Leaving the five weakest questors, DM, Jason, Janelle, Franz and Bebs & KC. Franz, Janelle, Jason and DM still made it as they were IN but it's the end of the Quest for the twins Bebs & KC as they were the one OUT.

WEEK 8 :

Monday - November 29 2004
Now, only 9 questors remained as the twins Bebs and KC were voted out last Friday. The 9 remaing questors went to their first Bull Session or Open Forum exercise. But before this surprise Bull Session, the questors had a bonding together in a private swimming pool. They cooked their own food and they really had fun on that moment. After their enjoyable times, the questors came back for a surprise exercise. Director John Lazatin was their mentor. They were asked each to write the names of their co-questors on the paper assigned who they like least and the reasons why indicating their name. Each of them showed on the camera individually on who were the questors they wrote as they like least. After they already written the names, their mentor read each of the letters in front of them. They had an open forum as each of them were given a chance to explain. Later, the hosts Jodi and Luis gave moment to those questors who honestly had misunderstandings and thankfully, the questors finally knew each other more.

Tuesday - November 30 2004
After the Bull Session the other day, the 9 questors went to the Relationship test. Their mentors for that test were the hosts Jodi and Luis. They were gathered in a room and Jodi & Luis let them choose their co-questors who fits their said categories such as, the questor who's their crush, the questor who's the greatest brother/sister, the questor who they think they will be in love with and the questor who they are compatible with to be a friend. After the exciting moment, they were asked individually to vote who they think are Ms. & Mr. Friendliest Questor among them. Arron and Theo were voted as the Mr. Friendliest while Franz as the Ms. Friendliest.

Wednesday - December 01 2004
Compatibility Test is the next exercise for the remaining questors. This is a test for them to know who they are compatible with for a love team or can be for a true love. First, the questors were grouped by Jodi and Luis. Jodi bonded with the female questors while Luis with the male questors. Each group talked about the things mostly talked by their genders. After the girl and boy bonding, the questors were set for a game in where they will know who's compatible for them. While, Theo stand as the scorer because no one can be paired for him. In this compatibility test, the questors who find to be compatible for love match were Janelle and Charles as they both like each other, DM, Erich and Arron as the two guys like the girl and Franz, Jason & Michelle as the girls like the boy.

Thursday - December 02 2004
Drama acting continues on the next exercise for the remaining 9 questors. The questors were grouped into three with three members each. And each of the group did an acting performance with teleseryes' veteran kontrabidas. The questors acted as the bidas who are being slaved by the kontrabidas. The late Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan's Sally or Mylene Dizon played as the 'Madrasta' for Janelle, Franz and Theo. It Might Be You's Frida or Maritoni Fernandez were the head of a Bahay Ampunan and who is very bad for Arron, DM and Erich. While Marina's Victoria or Cherrie Gil played as the boss of Michelle, Jason and Charles. Their director John D. Lazatin and co-actresses commented and reacted on their performances too. Then after seeing their acting pieces, the Quest jurors asked the questors play a kontrabida on a scene. In Ranking, Erich was the strongest questor while Theo was the weakest questor.

Friday - December 03 2004
A mixed of drama and romance was the next mini-drama series for the remaining 9 questors. Entitled "Spaghetti with Rice", the story focus on the love story of DM and Erich. With co-stars Jean Garcia and Dick Israel.

Later is another Elimination Special for Star Circle National Teen Quest. They presented a very beautiful opening number. In the awarding, Michelle bags the Extraordinary Voter's choice award in cooperation of Nissin Yakisoba. They were divided into three groups, first group were DM, Erich, Arron, second group were Jason, Franz, Michelle, third group were Janelle, Theo, Charles. They were also given a chance to say who among the three of them in each group is the strongest and the weakest questors. Then DM, Erich, Michelle, Franz, Janelle & Charles were voted IN remaining 3 questors who were Arron, Jason and Theo. Finally, as Arron was already voted IN, Theo remains because Jason was the one who's OUT.

WEEK 9 :

Monday - December 06 2004
There were only 8 questors left who are DM, Janelle, Franz, Arron, Theo, Michelle, Charles and Erich. The next exercise for the remaining questors was acting on a horror series. First, they were asked to act a horror-suspense scene individually. After their acting pieces, they faced the Quest jurors who judged them on their performances. Next was to portray a horror role. With the help of Showbiz' famous make-up-artist Ms. Cecille Baun, the questors' looks turned scary. And their job is to scare celebrity guests and at the same time jurors too, the former questors Roxanne Guinoo, RJ Martinez and Neri Naig. Roxanne, RJ and Neri, entered in a house one by one and their mission was to get three masks and they should surpass the scary beings, who were the questors. Roxanne, RJ and Neri judged their performances too. In ranking, Michelle tops as the strongest and Franz as the weakest.

Tuesday - December 07 2004
After horror acting the remaining 8 questors proceed to fantasy acting. First, they were trained by the experts of action and fantasy scenes. Director and write Eric Salut was their mentor for that exercise. They also learned the right prosthetic make-up for a fantasy character. After the advises and trainings, the 8 questors went to their first Fantasy acting entitled SCQuestala. Each of them has a different fantasy character and they act like the same too. Afterwards, their mentor commented on ther peformances. Then, they faced the Quest jurors who ranked them from Franz as the strongest and Theo as the weakest.

Wednesday - December 08 2004
Still on action scenes, this day, the 8 remaining questors went to the sea to learn some action scenes. But first, they were trained by experts on the right way of doing scenes under the water. Then, with action star and director Ronnie Rickets as their mentor, the questors did a challenging action series on the sea.

Thursday - December 09 2004
Serious action exercises were the next asignment for the remaing 8 questors. They were trained first then, still under the supervision of Ronnie Rickets, they had a mini-action series with gun shots, fighting scenes and explosions. Franz played as the victim and the rest were the Re-SCQ team to rescue her.

Friday - December 10 2004
The next Drama Showcase for the remaining 8 questors is a suspense series entitled The Cellphone. Under the direction of veteran actor and director Michael de Mesa and with the special participation of Ryan Eigenman. Later, LIVE at ABS-CBN Studio is the much-awaited Elimination Special. As expected, the Quest jurors commented on the performances of the questors on their suspense series. Before the elimination, the 8 remaining questors received their early Christimas gift from Star Circle National Teen Quest. They were able to talk to their families and friends from their places LIVE. Then, on the elimination, the questors were divided into 4. Four weakest questors remained, DM, Theo, Janelle and Franz. DM, Theo and Janelle were voted IN, remaining Franz who was the one OUT. A big surprise was announced too by the hosts Jodi and Luis. The OUT questors Raynan, Vanessa, Marla, Paw, OJ, Jason, Bebs & KC, and Franz can still be IN as Star Circle National Teen Quest launches its Wild Card. Through the votes of the audiences, one of them will be given a chance to be IN again. It was also an early Christmas gift for the OUT questors, now the Wild Card questors. of 10.

WEEK 10 :

Monday - December 13 2004
Because it's Christmas, the 7 remaining questors received special tribute from Star Circle National Teen Quest. Each of them had a conversation with veteran entertainment writer and host Cristy Fermin as they shared the things they miss when they were not still questors. It was emotional, becaus as a suprise gift, the questors' relatives and friends all the way from their locations gave special commendation and greetings to them. And finally and most especially, special things was offered to them by Ms. Cristy Fermin, which was given by their loved ones.

Tuesday - December 14 2004
It's kiligan time again for the remaining 7 questors. They had a special and romantic dinner date with their love teams in the magic circle. First, it was Charles and Janelle. Charles finally told Janelle what he really feels for her and proved it by jumping into the pool. Then, the love triangle continues with DM, Erich and Arron. They alternatively dated Erich, and said whatever they feel for the girl. Because Michelle has no partner in the group, her ultimate crush, the SCQ host, Luis Manzano did the romantic dinner date with her. Lastly, it was Theo who luckily had Roxanne Guinoo, his crush, as a date for this romantic moment.

Wednesday - December 15 2004
Victim comes back and continues! The magic circle of 7 questors was been a 'Victim' of Carlos Agassi. First set-up, the questors did a check up in a medical room. They were tricked which made them wonder why they were asked to do such funny things. For the second set-up, they had an audition with 3 foreigners who asked them to do some weird and funny actions. Finally, the mastermind Carlos Agassi declares: Dahil sila ay sikat, sila ay Victim! It was an exercise, so the Quest jurors ranked them: Erich as the strongest and DM as the weakest.

Friday - December 17 2004
Victim comes back and continues! The magic circle of 7 questors was been a 'Victim' of The moment finally came for the Wild Card questors. And the lucky wild card questor who was IN again is Paw Diaz of Laguna.

WEEK 11 :

Monday - December 20 2004
This week was the questor's preparation for the Christmas season. This day, the magic circle of 8 questors, now includes Paw, divided themselves into groups. Each of the groups roam around the studios of ABS-CBN and offered a carol to any of the Kapamilya stars. Their aim is to gather money directly frm the celebrities. They showed good performances and earned money easy.

Tuesday - December 21 2004
The magic circle of 8 questors prepared an early noche buena for them. Each of them set their own food specialty for the handaan. After the long hours of preparation, the table was finally ready for the magic circle of 8 questors' noche buena. Joined by hosts Jodi and Luis, the remaining 8 questors shared a happy Christmas.

Wednesday - December 22 2004
After the noche buena kainan, their Christmas party started. Of course, they had their Kris-kringle. They gave their gifts to the questors they picked out the name. They had fun and excitement which feels the more the beauty of Christmas.

Thursday - December 23 2004
As a Christmas gift, the questors was given a chance to celebrate the Christmas day with their families. Featured this day were the come back of questors DM, Arron and Theo in their home town for Christmas. Their kababayans welcomed them warm and happily.

Friday - December 24 2004
Next on the list were questors Michelle, Paw, Janelle, Charles and Erich who also did their come back in their home towns for Christmas. Like the other questors, their kababayans gave their warm welcome to the questors.

WEEK 12 :

Monday - December 27 2004
After their moments with their families last Christmas, the remaining 8 questors came back for another challenge in the Quest. The questors were challenged for a mission. Dividing themselves into groups, the questors did the dare on the streets.

Tuesday - December 28 2004
They still had fun. Lead by the hosts Jodi and Luis, the questors had more time of bonding with each other through conducted races.

Wednesday - December 29 2004
Back to another test, the next task for the magic circle of 8 questors is variety show hosting. MTB Ang Saya Saya hosts Mickey Ferriols and Arnel Ignacio served as their mentor for this exercise. the two veteran hosts gave suggestions and advices to the magic circle for better hosting. Then they were given a chance to show their hosting skills.

Thursday - December 30 2004
Still on hosting, the questors proceed next to hosting game portions. Mickey and Arnell was still their as mentors and taught them the right way of hosting a game portion. Then they had the chance to host some portions of MTB. Mickey and Arnell shared their observations and reactions to their performances. Next, the questors was into dancing. Veteran stage dancers served as their mentors. They were divided into pairs, and each pair did a dance number.

Friday - December 31 2004
Even it's the last day of 2004, one is still to say goodbye to the magic circle. But before the elimination, a variety show was presented by the magic circle of 8 questors, entitled SCQ Ang Saya Saya. Afterwards, as usual, the Quest jurors commented on their performances. In awarding, wild card questor Paw received the Nissin Yakisoba's Viewer Choice award. Then the moment came when 4 weakest questors were called by the jurors such as Arron, Theo, Charles and Michelle. When Arron and Charles were IN, two questors of California, USA were left. And finally, it was Theo who didn't make it to the magic circle of 7 as he was OUT.

WEEK 13 :

Monday - January 03 2005
The first exercise for the first day of the magic circle of 7 questors this 2005 is news reporting. Their mentors were veteran news caster Cheryl Cosim and showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz. They were given some advices and tips on the best way of delivering the news. After taking up the lessons from the mentors, the questors were assigned to do their first ever showbiz reporting exercise. It was serious as the 7 questors covered up the event in the last Manila Film Festival 2004. They interviewed the stars of different nominated movies. From Aliw Theatre, the 7 questors came back to the studio to face the Quest jurors who commented badly on their interviews. And their judgement, Michelle as the weakest and Janelle as the strongest.

Tuesday - January 04 2005
Still on Talk Show hosting exercise, the remaining 7 questors' next task is to practice being a Video Jockey (VJ). With the help of a veteran Music Video director and of course, the SCQ host himself and also a MYX VJ, Luis Manzano, who served as their mentors for the said exercise. Then, they were also given a chance to be a VJ using what they learned from their mentors. When they faced the jurors, they received the comments and observations from them.

Wednesday - January 05 2005
SCQ Speak! entitled the 7 questors' Talk Show hosting exercise. But before presenting the Talk Show, award winning news anchor Korina Sanchez served as the mentor for the magic circle of 7 and give them some tips and advices in Talk Show hosting. Then they lead the talk show through SCQ Speak with special guests, Pokwang, Chokoleit, Neri Naig, Alwyn Uytingco, Aiza Marquez and Ram Revilla who also gave their comments and observations to the performances of the questors.

Thursday - January 06 2005
This was the last day for their Hosting exercises. This day, still with the help of the veteran female news anchor Korina Sanchez, the questors learned some tips and advices now in Magazine Show hosting. Then, they were given a chance again to show what they learned through a Magazine Show entitled SCQ, IN Ka Dito. The 7 questors present some features and stories with ABS-CBN's famous celebrities. The boys, DM, Arron and Charles had a male bonding with the TV Idols and interviewed them for some tips on men's fashion and health. While the girls Janelle, Michelle, Paw and Erich went to visit the beautiful home of Rica Peralejo and they also had a girl bonding while asking Rica some tips for the girls and at home. The interviewed celebrities also gave thei comments for the questors' performances. Facing the Quest jurors, the questors received some comments and reactions from them. And in the ranking, Erich was the strongest and Janelle was the weakest.

Friday - January 07 2005
This is another Elimination Special for Star Circle National Teen Quest in where one questor is to say good bye once again. But before the elimination, a special presentation by the magic circle of 7 for the televiewers. A Talk and Magazine Show entitled SCQ Star. The topic for the show is 'Living in Independence'. Janelle, Arron and Michelle interviewed two celebrities who are currently living independent, award winning young actress Alessandra de Rossi and comedienne host YaChang. While Erich and Paw went to the house of the controversial actress-host Rosanna Rocess and asked her some questions regarding her being independent in life. Then Charles and DM had also a cooking bonding with another independent mom, Angelu de Leon. They took also the chance to ask the actress some questions regarding her life. Afterwards, the celebrities they interviewed gave their comments for the questors' performance.

The Quest jurors commented on what they had watched. Then, hosts Luis and Jodi asked each of the questors to sit in the 'hot sit' and his/her co-questors will say something to them. The questors was honest to say their comments with their co-questors. In the awarding, received the Nissin Yakisoba's Viewer's Choice award is Arron, and for that time, he was also declared as the first one who's IN. There are still 6 remaining questors, and so, they were divided into 3 groups with 2 questors each for the elimination. Paw, Charles and Erich were lucky to be declared IN remaining DM, Janelle and Michelle. When DM was called to be IN, Janelle and Michelle stayed and one of them will say goodbye. And finally, Janelle was IN and it was Michelle who was said to be OUT.

WEEK 14 :

Monday - January 10 2005
There were only 6 questors remaining to face the exercises. First on this week, the questors went to dubbing exercise. With the dubbing director of ABS-CBN, the questors learned the right ways of dubbing a chinovela. As part of the exercise, the 6 questors dubbed today's no. 1 koreanovela, Lovers in Paris. They played different characters in the story and the dubbing director commented on their performances. After the exercise, as usual, the magic circle of 6 face the quest jurors again. Some reactions and observations were heard from them and according to their final ranking: Erich is the strongest and Janelle as the weakest.

Tuesday - January 11 2005
Next exercise for this week for the 6 questors is Variety show hosting. With singer-actress-host Vina Morales and VJ-actress Iya Villania as their mentors, the questors were given some tips and advises in Variety show hosting. Afterwards, they host their own variety show entitled SCQ Mania in where they also had a production no. in both singing and dancing. As they face the jurors again, according to the ranking, Charles and Arron tied as the strongest and DM as the weakest.

Wednesday - January 12 2005
Teleserye acting exercise was the next task for the remaining 6 questors. Joined them were one of the bidas of the top-rating teleserye Hiram, Heart Evangelista as Margaret and Geoff Eigenmann as Andrew. First, the teleserye pair of Heart and Geoff gave some suggestions, advises and tips to the questors regarding teleserye acting. Afterwards, each questor had a scene with one of them, derived also from a scene in Hiram. Then, the magic circle of 6 once again faced the quest jurors. The quest jurors didn't liked all their performances and only few passed their taste. In ranking, DM made it to be the strongest and Arron as the weakest.

Thursday - January 13 2005
After teleserye acting, the 6 questors came now to comedy acting. They presented a comedy story in where they visit each set of ABS-CBN's favorite comedy sitcoms Ang Tanging Ina, Home Along da Airport, OK Fine Whatever and meet the casts. Each questor has different comedy characters in the comedy story. When they faced the Quest jurors, some were criticized in their performances and some were loved in their performances. In ranking, Arron was the strongest and Janelle as the weakest.

Friday - January 14 2005
THE REVEILING OF THE MAGIC CIRCLE OF 5. One of the greatest moment of Star Circle National Teen Quest came. It's the most awaited revelation of the Magic Circle of 5. Live at Aliw Theatre filled with more than thousand of avid fans and supporters. As an opening number the OUT male questors Jason, Raynan, OJ and Theo present a dance number to the tune of Don't you know Ha Ha Ha, then the OUT female questors Marla, Vanessa, Franz, Bebs & KC and Michelle to the tune of Choopeta and lastly the Magic Circle of 6 Janelle, DM, Erich, Arron, Paw and Charles to the tune of Follow the Leader. Special guest stars was also their, Anime, Fab 5 teens Joross, Roxanne, Melissa, Sandara and Hero, TV Idols, Erik Santos, and Piolo Pascual & Bea Alonzo to promote their movie Dreamboy from Star Cinema. Press People and celebrities were also asked who are their bet to be IN in the Magic Circle of 5. Arron was awarded again as the Viewer's Choice for the week. And Finally, the judgement came where the questors were escorted by the Season One's Magic Circle of 6. First called to be IN was Arron, followed by Charles, then Erich and Paw, remaining Janelle and DM on the center of the stage. Before one of them is to say goodbye, they gave their last messages for each other. Until DM was called to be IN and Janelle was OUT.

WEEK 15 :

Monday - January 17 2005
The life story of Arron Villaflor entitled "The Gift".. Arron as himself, Jean Garcia as his mother, Emilio Garcia as his father, Bobby Andrews and Baron Geisler as his elder brothers.

Tuesday - January 18 2005
The life story of Erich Gancayco entitled "Somewhere In My Past".. Erich as herself, Rita Avila as her mother, Neri Naig as her sister and Eman Abeleda as her younger brother.

Wednesday - January 19 2005
The life story of Charles Christianson entitled "Hindi Ko Kaya". Charles as himself, Jacklyn Jose as his mother, Gabb Drilon as his elder brother and Vana Garcia as his ex-girlfriend.

Thursday - January 20 2005
The life story of DM Sevilla entitled "Pagbigyan Muli". DM as himself, Agot Isidro as his mother, Gardo Versoza as his father and Jenny Miller as his elder sister.

Friday- January 21 2005
The life story of Paw Diaz entitled "Sana'y Di Pangarap". Paw as herself, Amy Austria as her mother, Pen Medina as her father, Hazel Ann Mendoza as her younger sister, Cristopher Peralta as her elder brother, Alwyn Uytingco as her younger brother and Luis Alandy as her ex-boy friend.

Later, after Lovers in Paris, a 1 hour Pre-finals Special was presented, in where the Final Magic Circle of 5 questors were judged by the Quest jurors and their co-stars on their presented life story special this week. In awarding, Paw received the Maxi Peel's Peeling Artista of the week, and once again Arron for the Nissin's Yakisoba's Viewer's Choice of the week. Finally, in the Quest juror's ranking, Arron was the 4th Runner-up, DM as the 3rd Runner-up, Charles as the 2nd Runner-up, Paw as the 1st Runner-up and Erich was the Grand Questor of the night. This was according to the judgement on their performance this week.

WEEK 16 :

Monday - January 24 2005
This is the final week for the Magic Circle of 5 questors to prove their best. This day, the 5 questors showed a drama monologue exercise about their sad stories in life, in front of the Quest jurors. The jurors commented on each of their performances. In ranking, DM made it to be the strongest and Charles was the weakest.

Tuesday - January 25 2005
Next level of Variety show exercise for the Magic Circle of 5. Arron, DM and Charles presented a dance number while Erich and Paw did a song number, in front of the Quest jurors. There's the best and worst for the Quest jurors. And the Ranking says that Arron is the strongest and Erich is the weakest.

Wednesday - January 26 2005
The first ever face-off of the Magic Circle of 5 and the Fab 5 teens Hero, Sandara, Joross, Roxanne and Melissa for an acting exercise. Erich was paired with Hero, DM with Sandara, Arron with Melissa, Paw with Joross and Charles with Roxanne. Each pair was given instructions by Quest juror director Lauren Dyogi. According to the jurors, Erich and Hero is the strongest and Arron is the weakest.

Thursday - January 27 2005
It's a full-time preparation for the most-awaited Grand Questor's Night on Saturday. The Magic Circle of 5 questors had their first pictorial as the Season 2's Fab 5, by solo and by group which will be posted on a billboard in Cubao. Few sightings on their recent mall show and rehearsals for their performances on the Grand Questor's Night.

Friday - January 28 2005
It's the Grand Countdown to the Finals. A one-hour Grand Fan's Day special 'live' at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Marikina of the Magic Circle of 5. The hottest love team of the group presented a song number and the group danced to the tune of Star Circle National Teen Quest's Top 5 dance hits. That's IN or OUT, Don't You Know Ha Ha Ha, Choco Choco, Choopeta and Follow The Leader. With special guests, April Boy Regino, Josh Santana and Divo Bayer. It's the last day for the Magic Circle of 5 questors to the Grand Questor's Night the next day.


Saturday - January 29 2005
THE GRAND QUESTOR'S NIGHT. The most-awaited and the most-anticipated Grand Questor's Night of the no. 1 talent search in the country has come. Live at PSC Multi-Purpose Arena, with also live points at Tarlac Municipal Hall and Rizal Park in Davao, this is the Star Circle National Teen Quest Grand Questor's Night. An opening number was presented by the former Magic Circle of 5 Hero, Sandara, Joross, Roxanne and Melissa with the current Magic Circle of 5 questors Erich, DM, Paw, Charles and Arron. Each questor presented a very surprising performance number for the thousands of fans in the Ultra. Surprise and special guests for the questors was also there to congratulate. Special co-hosts Phoemela Barranda, The Hunks, Desiree DelValle and Nikki Valdez with celebrity guests Kristine Hermosa, Bea Alonzo, Gabriel Valenciano, Maricel Soriano and Gary Valenciano. In the awarding, once again Erich receives the Maxi Peel Peeling-Artista of the week and Arron receives the Nissin's Yakisoba Voter's Choice of the week and he will be the newest endorser of Nissin Yakisoba. Finally, the annoucement of the Grand Questor. DM was first called as OUT, followed by Charles and Paw, remaining Arron and Erich. And at last, Erich of Davao was declared as the Star Circle National Teen Quest Grand Questor.

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