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Friday - February 27 2004
The grand launch on Star Circle Quest, the newest, arguably the biggest reality-based talent search on Philippine television, at the "Big Dome" Araneta Coliseum. A night filled with the Star Circle stars plus the two hundred (Kids & Teens) showbiz hopefuls trooped to try their luck in becoming the next big stars on Star Circle.

WEEK 1 :

Mon to Fri - March 01 to 05 2004
Star Circle Quest premieres on ABS-CBN. The first 200 kid & teen questors who qualified for the first screening present theirselves to the set of jurors who judged them if they should be IN to the top 50 kid & teen questors. Until the first 200 questors were trim down to the top 40 kid questors and top 48 teen questors who are "in" on the quest.

WEEK 2 :

Mon to Sat - March 08 to 13 2004
Star Circle Quest extends its weekdays up to Saturday at 5:00 PM. The top 50 kid & teen questors present their performed audition missions assigned by the jurors. The judging choose the best questors and entitled the top 25 kid & teen questors.

WEEK 3 :

The top 25 kid and teen questors who are "in" are divided into 5 groups in each day in where they present an acting performance narrated by their teachers, Candy Pangilinan and Arnell Ignacio. Each day, one questor was been "OUT" to trim down the top 25 teen questors to top 20.

Monday - March 15 2004
Monday Group teens which is composed of Hero Angeles, Zuher Bautista, Jonas Olmedo, Sandara Park who are "IN" and Graciell Chun who is the first one "OUT".

Tuesday - March 16 2004
Tuesday Group teens "IN" questors are Errol Abalayan, Michelle Madrigal, Kathyrin Villamala & Kathrina Tanchingco and the "OUT" questor is Warren Austria.

Wednesday - March 17 2004
Wednesday Group teens with Joross Gamboa, Roxanne Guinoo, Debbie Go, JM David got "IN" while Chanel Abelo got "OUT" of the group.

Thursday - March 18 2004
Thursday teens Group is composed of Joseph Bitangcol, Helga Krapf, Christina Edkin, Melissa Ricks are "IN" and questor Tycoon Carreon is "OUT".

Friday - March 20 2004
Friday Group teens teens with RJ Martinez, Jeanette Moore, Zaira Dela Peña, Nerriza Naig are voted "IN" while Jethro Manansala was voted "OUT".

Saturday - March 21 2004
Top 20 "IN" kid questors had a children's party to welcome the top kid questors with their parents and the SCQ hosts while the top 20 "IN" teen questors with their corresponding groups were challenged to collect money all around the road from ordinary people, to be donated to Bantay Bata coin bank.

WEEK 4 :

The top 20 teen questors who are "in" presented an acting piece narrated, observed and judged by the set of jurors and one questors in each group was voted "out" until to the top 15 questors.

Monday - March 22 2004
In Monday Group with Hero Angeles, Jonas Olmedo and Sandara Park. Zuher Bautista was "OUT".

Tuesday - March 23 2004
The Tuesday Group Errol Abalayan, Michelle Madrigal, Kathyrin Villamala. Kathrina Tanchingco was "OUT".

Wednesday - March 24 2004
Wednesday Group with Joross Gamboa, Roxanne Guinoo, JM David. Debbie Go was "OUT".

Thursday - March 25 2004
In Thursday Group with Joseph Bitangcol, Melissa Ricks, Christina Edkin. helga Krapf was "OUT".

Friday - March 26 2004
Friday Group Raphael Martinez, Nerriza Naig, Jeanette Moore. Zaira dela Peña was "OUT".

Saturday - March 27 2004
The Top 15 "IN" teen questors had a competition plus challenge, to test their strength and teamwork with their groups in the forest and beach.

WEEK 5 :

Monday - March 29 2004

Teen questors were challenged through their fears. As Hero, JM, Nerriza & Jeanette were lied inside a caffeine for a couple of minutes. While questor Errol, Kathyrin, Michelle & Roxanne were to enter an old haunted house in a faraway place. In overcoming thieir fears, they were assisted by award winning actors Joel Torre & Raymond Bagatsing.

Tuesday - March 30 2004
Since the other eight questors were challenged through their fears, the next questors were to face their fright too. Questor Jonas, Joseph & Mellisa were to touch their dreaded animals like rats, snake, frog and iguana. On the other side were Joross, Sandara, Raphael & Christina to eat foods as well as cooked animals which they mostly feared with mentor, actress Snooky Serna.

Wednesday - March 31 2004
After they overcome their most fears on the past two days. The questors were to experience things that they have not yet go through. This was the time of relax for the top 15 teen questors as they enjoy such things like Jonas, Kathyrin & Errol ride for the first time in an airplane to went and roam around Cebu. While Hero, Nerriza, Joseph & Jeanette cherished their times in eating, relaxing and bonding in an expensive Hotel, as Raphael, Michelle & Christina went into swimming and scuba diving and the other five questors treasured their celebrity dates like Joross with Michelle Bayle, JM with Viva Hot Babe, Jenny Rosendal, Roxanne with Juddha Paolo, Sandara with the teen group Anim-E and Mellisa with teen idol, Carlo Aquino.

Thursday - April 01 2004
The top 15 teen questors went back to reality in the quest. Questors go over dance exercise and singing practice. Their value to call time were taught also by the instructor as some questors came late in the training. TV host & actress Rica Peralejo had taught them on dancing. Instructors studied their skills and recognized those who needs an improvement on either one of the abilities.

Friday - April 02 2004
Continues the dance and singing exercises of the questors. The teens were divided into two groups, the groups of those who needs improvement for dancing and the other group are the questors who needs an improvement on singing. Singer performer Roselle Nava taught those who needs singing practice like Hero, Joross, Jonas, Joseph, Christina, Nerriza & Jeanette. While actress-host Rica Peralejo help Errol, Sandara, Mellisa, JM, Roxanne, Michelle, Kathyrin & Raphael to improve their dancing ability. Considering, they were given advices from the instructors to gain the good skill.

Saturday - April 03 2004
THE REVEILING OF THE MAGIC CIRCLE OF 10. Held at ABS-CBN Studio 4 was the revealing of the kid and teen questors who make it to the Magic Circle of 10. It was also a night of celebration, as singers Rachel Alejandro, Geneva Cruz and Nina sung the Star Circle Quest theme song as an introduction. Teen questors Christina Edkin, JM David, Jeanette Moore, Jonas Olmedo and Kathyrin Villamala were voted "OUT", remaining Errol Abalayan, Hero Angeles, Joseph Bitangcol, Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo, Michelle Madrigal, Neri Naig, Melissa Ricks and Sandara Park who are "IN" on the Magic Circle and the "IN" kid questors in the Magic Circle of 10 are Nash Aguas, Basty Alcanses, Aaron Hunatas, CJ Navato, Jodell Stasic, KC Aboloc, Celine Lim, Alex Ramos, Mikylla Ramirez and Sharlene San Pedro.

WEEK 6 :

Mon to Wed - April 05 to 07 2004
Three days Holy Week presentation. The Magic Circle of 10 kids Nash Aguas, Basty Alcanses, Aaron Hunatas, CJ Navato, Jodell Stasic, KC Aboloc, Celine Lim, Alex Ramos, Mikylla Ramirez and Sharlene San Pedro plus the Magic Circle of 10 teens composed of Errol Abalayan, Hero Angeles, Joseph Bitangcol, Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo, Michelle Madrigal, Neri Naig, Melissa Ricks and Sandara Park were get to know more by sharing their life story as narrated by Piolo Pascual. Star Circle Quest was unavailable during this week's Thursday, Friday & Saturday in observance of the Holy Week.

WEEK 7 :

Mon to Wed - April 12 to 14 2004

It's bonding time for the Star Circle Quest Magic Circle of 10 Kids and Teens. Each kid questor is partnered with one "ate" or "kuya" in the teen questors to have fun and excitement. Inasmuch as, Nash with his "kuya" Errol, Basty with his "ate" Michelle, Aaron with his "ate" Sandara, CJ with his "ate" Melissa, Jodell with his "ate" Neri, KC with her "kuya" Hero, Celine with her "kuya" Joross, Mikylla with her "kuya" Joseph, Alex with her "kuya" Raphael and Sharlene with her "ate" Roxanne.

Thursday - April 13 2004 (
The questors were made to be real stars. As the Magic Circle of 10 kids and teens went into a make-over and special photo sessions and adjusted themselves to be more cute, handsome, beautiful and gorgeous to be a real idol.

Friday - April 14 2004
After the excitement in their make-over and photo sessions, the Magic Circle of 10 present themselves to big and respected press people who interviewed them as much.

Saturday - April 15 2004
It's a big day for the biggest talent search and for the kid and teen questors. The Star Circle Quest's first mall show was held in the wide parking lot (E) of the SM Fairview in Novaliches and airs "Live" on ABS-CBN. The Magic Circle of 10 were as famous more than they want to be, since a thousand of avid fans and supporters came to approach and cheer for their favorite questors in the mall's carpark. With special celebrity guests who present special numbers, Bayani Agbayani, Mahal, Mura, Anim-e, Desiree del Valle and Arnel Ignacio. The questors had really reach so far since they have those thousand of fans who completed that special day.

WEEK 8 :

Monday - April 19 2004

Teen questors went into dubbing of mexican telenovelas and chinovelas while the kids dubbed their favorite cartoon programs, with special mentors who are today's best TV dubbers.

Tuesday - April 20 2004
Kid questors went next to radio drama with their teacher, radio drama actress and former comedienne Matutina.Multi-awarded and TV and film director Joey Reyes taught the teen questors of the right way of acting. They were given monologues to be acted on their own way and judged their pieces too.

Wednesday - April 21 2004
Actor and director Ricky Davao guided the kid questors for acting. While the teen questors were to be judged by the jurors again. Giving them each a specific sequence to be acted, plus they were to pick up special things on a box which will remember them on a sad part of their life, helping them to dramatize their script.

Thursday - April 22 2004
"Kidnap" entitles the very first brief drama series starring the kid questors, directed by Ricky Davao with special casts Maritoni Fernandez and Nonie Buencamino. The jurors' judging on the acting of every teen questor continues, giving each of them positive and negative comments and suggests something that would make them better.

Friday - April 23 2004
The moment comes for the Magic Circle of 10 kid questors. Held again at ABS-CBN Studio 4 for the first elimination for Star Circle Kid Quest. With awarding specials for Jodell Stasic as the Bibbo kid of the week garnering the most number of votes. But finally, they had to say good bye to kid questor Celine Lim as she was voted "OUT" of the circle. Remaining the Magic Circle of 10 to 9 kid questors.

Saturday - April 24 2004
The hard activities and directions given for the teen questors bears this first mini-teen drama series which starred them. A story of teen barkada who came into trouble, entitled "ZigZag" directed by award-winning director, Jerry Lopez-Sineneng. It's the first elimination for Star Circle Teen Quest too. Sandara receive a special award as the questor who received most number of votes. It's also the hardest moment to say bye bye for one questor on the group. Sad to say but the Magic Circle of 10 teens were to trim down so one questor will leave the quest. It's good bye to teen questor Raphael Martinez as he were chosen "OUT" of the circle. Trimming down the Magic Circle of 10 teens to 9 teen questors.

WEEK 9 :

Monday - April 26 2004

The nine kid questors with their teacher Ryan Agoncillo who guided them to the right way of being a talk show host and with Boy Abunda, they were taught to host as showbiz talk show of their own. Then with the nine teen questors, sweethearts Juluis Babao and Tin-Tin Bersola taught and guide them too on hosting a news entertainment show like "Magandang Umaga Bayan". After doing news entertainment with news casters, the teen questors came to be judged again by their set of jurors, as they interviewed Boy Abunda and Gloria Diaz by 3 questors for one group.

Tuesday - April 27 2004
Coming to news casting, news reporter Marc Logan and Cheryl Cosim had fun with the kids while teaching them how to utter the news correctly and clearly. In addition, in the set of "TV Patrol" with Korina Sanchez, the kid questors present their own news casting with the help of Ms. Korina. For the teen questors, they were helped and guided by "Insider" anchors, Karen Davila and Cito Beltran, and at the same time present their own news casting. The set of jurors once again judged them the way they report a current news.

Wednesday - April 28 2004
After serious hosting and news reporting, the kid and teen questors went into being a VJ. The kid questor's teacher was MYX Vj and teen actress Karel Marquez. And with the SCQ host and MYX Vj Luis Manzano, the teen questors enjoys being a Vj. Both questors tried to be a Vj as taught by their Vj teachers plus the teen questors who did some music videos as part of their activity. Besides, the teen questor present once again what they have learn to the set of jurors who judged them as we expected too.

Thursday - April 29 2004
It's hosting for the questors again, but for this time it's a variety show hosting. With the MTB: Ang Saya Saya host Mickey Ferriols, the kids went into hosting the popular noontime show and the segment Spin a Million. While the teen questors are in the ASAP Mania studio guided them hosting by the singer-host Vina Morales who, of course, taught them how to host a Variety show like music party ASAP Mania. Moving again to the set of jurors, the teen questors made their own version of music variety show, the SCQ Mania. They presented dance numbers and variety show hosting to the judges.

Friday - April 30 2004
The moment had once again came, as one of the nine kid questors will leave the circle. Airing live on Studio 4 of ABS-CBN, presents the Star Circle Kid Questors with their wonderful dance number. Special award was given to kid questors like Aaron making it is the Bibbo kid of the week as he tops the vote ranking, CJ Navato being the best in hosting and Alex Ramos in best in news casting. Behind a new teen drama-series for the teen questors were also see, directed by Gilber Perez that will be aired the next day. Then the elimination time came, and sad to say for Basty Alcanses as he was voted "OUT" of the kid questor group.

Saturday - May 01 2004
As one kid questor was "OUT" of the group the last day, one teen questor had leave the group as voted "OUT". But before the elimination time, after their succesful teen drama last week, here's once again a love story drama featuring the nine teen questors entitled "Jane & The Anatomy" for one hour. Then, the set of jurors give their positive and mostly negative side on the acting pieces of the questors. The awarding ceremony honors Hero as the voter's choice. Then until the nine teen questors were divided into 3 groups from the strongest to the middle and to the weakest group. Joross, Roxanne & Sandara comes from the strongest, while Hero, Melissa & Errol comes from the middle and leaving the weakest group with Michelle, Joseph & Neri. It's sad to say once again that 3 boys will be left in the group because Joseph Bitangcol was been voted "OUT" that day.

WEEK 10 :

Monday - May 03 2004

Teen & Kid questors came now on this Kapamilya Comedy. The 8 kid questors were taught by comedienne Vandolph and Tuesday Vargas and visits the set ofAng Tanging Ina too with Ai-Ai delas Alas and casts. They was been a part of the show for an episode. The teen questors also tries comedy were guided and taught by comedy veterans Aga Muhlach and Nova Villa. Then appearing to the judges, they present their own comedy version of one teleserye scene on TV.

Tuesday - May 04 2004
Still on Kapamilya Comedy. Kid questors teacher was Tita Glow who taught them on impersonation characters as a part of comedic roles. They had shown their own impersonation of such characteristics on TV. While, Gag Show were for teen questors with teacher comedienne Brad Pitt. They were taught, as usual, of delvering jokes or gags. They were given they're own jokes and gags and give them the way to provide it. As well, the jurors judged them again of furnishing their own gags and jokes from a joke book which seems to be, they're so funny.

Wednesday - May 05 2004
Animation and Screen Special Effects now for the kid and teen questors. Kid questors' teacher were former child star and now a teen star, Camille Prats who told them stories of being a super hero on screen and taught them as usual. Then, they acted as their favorite super heroes with the special animation and special effects which the kids really enjoy. While this teen questors had the same lesson. A veteran special effect person give them what's behind the special effects they've seen on TV and they tried it too. On the set with the jurors, they acted as flying animals with their corresponding partners.

Thursday - May 06 2004
After funny and fantasy happenings on the kid and teen questor's activities, here it comes acting suspens and horror. Actress Manilyn Reynes who done a lot of challenging roles in horror movies is the 8 kid questor's teacher. Manilyn taught them how to act in front of the camera when it comes to horror or suspense scenes. One great prostetics and make-up artist provided the kid's scary looks and the questors went into a horror house and deliver what they have mastered. As well, the teen questors did the same activity. With Actress Lot Lot deleon, like Manilyn who done some roles in horror and suspense give a single acting horror scene for each of the questor and the teens delivered the given piece by their own. Lot Lot gives her comments and suggestions in the teen questor's performance. Like the kids, they also knew the prostetics make-up, which was tried to them, as well. As a part of the activity, the teen questor's were divided into two groups to challenge theirselves in a horror-acting piece in a old haunted house. Its Melissa, Sandara, Roxanne and Joross who did the first acting-challenge as the first group, then the second group were Hero, Michelle, Errol and Neri who did the same of their own. Of course, as expected always, they perform acting scenes in horror in front of the set of jurors which they were really challenged due to the unexpected scenes.

Friday - May 07 2004
"Sorry, Alex you're OUT.." as Mr. Rowell Santiago announced lately in the third elimination night of the Star Circle kid questors. But it's a wonderful night as the cute and marvelous kids present a super exciting intoduction number. The Bibbo kid of the week who top the no. of votes is Sharlene, Best in fantasy acting was Aaron, and once again, CJ was declared as Best in Comedy Acting. But still the 8 kid questors were trimmed down again to 7 kids. Plus, behind the scenes for the upcoming new horror-comedy series for the teen questors, entitled "Scoopy Forest" directed by Ms. Joyce Bernal.

Saturday - May 08 2004
A new teen program starred by the 8 teen questors was played again on Star Circle Quest. A comedy-horror teen series entitled "Scoopy Forest" directed by Ms. Joyce Bernal that lasts for almost one hour. The next minutes were "Live" again in ABS-CBN Studio with a thousands of fans cheering and supporting the Magic Circle of teen Questors. But this is the moment everyone is sad for, the third elimination night in which one will be "out" again. Before the elimination, of course, the jurors gives their positive and negative sightings that regards to the series they have watched. Then finally, as they were individually called by pairs, four weakest questors were left. It was Hero, Michelle, Neri and Melissa, and one of them will leave the circle, and the rest - Sandara, Errol, Joross and Roxanne were the strongest questors. Until, sad to say, once again the 8 questors were trimmed down to 7, as Michelle Madrigal was declared "out".

WEEK 11 :

Monday - May 10 2004

Behind the momentous election in our country, the left 7 kid and teen questors continue still their activities which became more tough but interesting. After last weeks' hosting, comedy and horror acting, here comes the more complicated for the questors. Week by week, as the quest get's hotter and hotter, the Magic Circle is soon to be the Magic Circle of 5. This week starts, the both questors came into drama acting with the famous stars of ABS-CBN teleseryes. This Monday, "Pangako Sayo"s Best Drama Actress Jean Garcia (Mostly known as the late Madamme Claudia), who starred in "It Might be You", let the tears flow from the kid's eyes as she acted as the most hated kontrabida that really taught the kids on a drama acting as 'bidang inaapi'. And of course, as a part of Drama, they also acted as kontrabida to Ms. Jean who enjoys being a Drama teacher to them. For the teen questors, were one of Showbiz' hottest love team John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo of "It Might be You", acted with a scene with the teen questors. Bea played as a the loved lady of the male teen questors, while John Lloyd played an argument scene with the female teen questors, plus teaching them on drama, as well. Then, for the set of jurors, the teens were given each a scene, in where the script they will utter is derived from a line of a tagalog song, and almost all fails the jurors' judging.

Tuesday - May 11 2004
To the set of afternoon drama "Sarah, The Teen Princess", the kid questors had bonding time with the teen pop star turned teen actress Sarah Geronimo who taught them on drama acting and also had some scenes with the casts. Teen questors were with "Basta't Kasama Kita" main casts, Judy Ann Santos and Robin Padilla. They had an acting with the big star from a scene of the action-drama series. Juday find Joross as the strongest teen questors who made better while Robin chose Roxanne to be the one, to whom they had a scene with.

Wednesday - May 12 2004
The 7 kid questors went into the place of the high-rated fantaserye "Marina" shooting and had bonding and learning time with one of the casts, like Malou de Guzman who played as 'Dugong' and the director, Wenn Deramas. Same with the teen questors who were given few and special advices from Ms. Malou as 'Dugong', Chokoleit who played as 'Pearly Shell' and director Wenn Deramas too.

Thursday - May 13 2004
Still on the fantaserye "Marina" set, the kid and teen questors had finally met the 'Marina' itself, Claudine Barretto with the one who played as 'Shiela/Dugyut', Agot Isidro. As a drama actress, Claudine give them some ways to learn on drama acting and advices in entering Showbiz too. Both of the questors had their mini-series acting in the fantaserye.

Friday - May 14 2004
Fourth elimination night for Star Circle Kid Quest. They presented a very special introduction number. But it was again a moment to trim down the 7 questors to 6 kids. Nash Aguas received two special awards being the Bibbo kid of the week, receiving the most number of votes, and as the Best in Fantaserye Acting. Sharlene San Pedro received the award as the Best Drama Acting. Then, finally, the elimination round came. CJ, KC and Mikylla were the three weakest kid questors left. And it's KC Aboloc who received "OUT" from the jurors and will be leaving the quest.

Saturday - May 15 2004
A heavy-drama series was presented once again by the 7 teen questors. Each of them had challenging roles in the drama series which judged by the set of jurors "LIVE" at ABS-CBN Studio 4. For the third time, Sandara received once again as the questor who topmost the vote poll. Finally, the 7 kid questors were divided into two groups with 3 questors. Because they are 7 questors, Melissa was left which means that she is in the middle, being not the strongest nor weakest questor. Group A were composed of Sandara, Errol and Joross, while Hero, Neri and Roxanne were from the Group B, and they were the strongest group. Leaving, Joross, Sandara and Errol, Joross was declared "IN", leaving the two weakest questor of the circle, Sandara and Errol. Then finally, from Boy Abunda's mouth saying Errol Abalayan as "OUT".

WEEK 12 :

Monday - May 17 2004

It's next level of acting for the remaining 6 kid and 6 teen questors before only five will make it to the chance of being the Star Circle Quest Grand Questor. Kids and teens went into hard action. With their action costumes, teens were taught by experts on an action scene. Likewise, in the set with the jurors, teens were given a specific death scene and how will they deliver it perfectly.

Tuesday - May 18 2004
Next level on comedy, but more fun and laughing. Comedy actor Bayani Agbayani of "Yes Yes Show" and "OK Fine Whatever" was with the 6 kid questors and guided them on comedy acting. While the teens were witnessed the performance of the Live gag show " Yes Yes Show". Then, after the show, they were with comedy actress and one of the casts of the show, Candy Pangilinan. First, they were given advices and some points on comedy acting. Then, they were given own gag scenes to provide. Next, with the set of jurors, teen questors were divided into two groups for a performance, as of the "rewind" portion of "Yes Yes Show". First to perform were Hero, Sandara & Melissa, and the second were Joross, Roxanne & Neri. It made the jurors laugh, but still they have the positive and negative comments on the interpretation of the questors.

Wednesday - May 19 2004
Once again, next level on dramatic performance with big and multi-awarded directors of the industry. Kid questors were trained by the award-winning movie "Munting Tinig" director, Gil Portes. Director Gil find the kids really excellent in acting, most especially. As they were givin acting pieces taken from the scenes of "Munting Tinig". While, teen questors were with one of today's great directors, Joel Lamangan. Director Joel was a bit strict on the performances of the teens. First, came on simple performance as they were asked of something to do and must be felt that they're doing it. Next was three lines that they should deliver with emotions and feelings. Not all had passed Director Joel's taste on good performance. Finally, with the set of jurors, they are to present a heavy drama acting scene, with award-winning drama actress Cherry Pie Pecache. The scene was from the movie of "Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa", a confronation scene with Vilma Santos and Carlo Aquino. (With the famous lines of Carlo: "Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron!) Each had delivered it correctly but the judges still gives their solemn comments on the questors.

Thursday - May 20 2004
It's modelling time for the Magic Circle questors. Kid questors were given lessons and points on modelling and photo posing. Trained to be a model by a real international model and actress, Melanie Marquez. Plus, the kids had also a modelling presentation for the kid clothing brand 'Moose Gear' in the mall with a lot of audiences who really find them them excellent and better. Teen questors' good looks were more exposed as they were instructed by one of today's hottest model named Patty. They were ask to walk and project to the camera as models. Then, it's photo shot taking again. The 6 teen questors had their best photo shots with the famous celebrity photographer, Raymund Isaac. From their formal shots together and as solo, they also went on shot being like of today's hottest foreign idols. Hero was taken a photo like his look-a-like Vic Zhou, same of Sandara who dressed and pose on the camera like Barbie Xiu. While Roxanne was dressed and posed on the camera as Mandy Moore, with Joross gorgeous shot as a bad boy like Ashton Kutcher. Neri's sexy body was exposed like Beyonce Knowles, and Melissa smiles as girlish and "kikay" like Hillary Duff. After the moment of camera projecting, they came into modelling session as judged by the set of jurors. Wedding presentation was the motif of their modelling performance. Judges, of course, gives their silly criticism to the 6 questors who perform.

Friday - May 21 2004
After the level of activities the questors had done this week, here comes on an interview with the biggest name on press. Kid questors were with Showbiz columnist and TV host, Ogie Diaz who taught them the right way of answering in an interview. Gladys Reyes, as mostly nominated as 'Darling of the Press' shares her thoughts and advices for the kids to be close enough to famous writers. Furthermore, teen questors had once again a special interview with the press people and news paper columnists. They were challenged with the interviewer's tough questions, but still they had answered it clearly and seriously. Next, it was again an interview with well-known entertainment writers, and now in front of the set of jurors. Still, they were asked questions but more challenging and crucial and answered as well. Still, the conference were judged by the jurors according to the best and the worst.

Saturday - May 22 2004
THE REVEILING OF THE MAGIC CIRCLE OF 5. The moment everyone waited for. "Live" at Aliw Theatre, the remaining 6 kid and teen questors join one special day, the final elimination for SCQ and occasion on who's gonna be "in" on the Magic Circle of 5 kid and teens. With over a thousands of fans and supporters never minded the heavy rain outside and brings their continuous support for this one of the big and special event of Star Circle Quest. First, it was the 6 kid questors who present a very nice and alluring song and dance performance. With the kid set of jurors, Ms. Maricel, Direk Rowell and Ms. Eula, they give their serious comments and advices for all of the staying kid questors. Special awards were once again given. For the second time, Nash receives the honor as the Bibbo kid of the week who receives the most number of votes, Ms. Photogenic was Mikylla and the Friendliest kid was jodell, all according to the decision of their mentors for the week. Proceeding to the kid questors' elimination, the weakest questors who left for the announcement were Jodell and Mikylla. Until Mikylla was first called among them two as the questor who is "in" and remaining Jodell Stasic as voted "out". Same event, there's the 6 teen questors mostly cheered for. Like of the kid questors, they present a very fascinating dance and song number for the thousand of audiences. For the fourth time, Sandara was declared as the teen questor who received the most number of votes. Following, special messages were given by the jurors for each of them as they said their part for the judges. Full of tension, jurors called Roxanne, Joross, Hero as the questors who make it to the Magic Circle of 5. Remaining Melissa, Sandara and Neri as the weakest and only two of them will be "in" and one will say goodbye. Melissa was first called as "in", and next was Sandara declaring as "in", and it was Neri Naig who is "out" of the circle. And there's the Magic Circle of 5 kid and teen questors. Nash, Sharlene, Aaron, Cj and Mikylla were the Magic Circle of 5 kid questors, and Roxanne, Joross, Hero, Melissa & Sandara who made it to the Magic Circle of 5 teen questors.

Sunday - May 23 2004
FAB FIVE: The Magic Circle of 5 Special. A one hour show of getting Up Close & Personal to the teen questors who make it to the Magic Circle of 5. Still, hosted by Luis and Jodi, they also interviewed the teen questors about the life they've been with. Jodi interviewed Joross and Hero. While Luis was with Roxanne, Melissa & Sandara. Plus, the never been seen photos and video footages from the teen questors.

WEEK 13 :

Monday - May 24 2004

It's once again of exercise and activities. Starting this day, each questor were to develop more of their weakness on every day. Today is kid questor Aaron and teen questor Sandara's day. Saying that Aaron fails in Drama acting, he had a drama acting exercise with Angelica Panganiban. Next was of his weakness on Dance performance, so, he was taught by the Street Boys member, Danilo Barrios. In front of the kid jurors, Director Rowell Santaigo & Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, he presented a Dance number with the MTB X10 Dancers, Camille & John Prats. While, Sandara's weakness seems to be Drama acting, Dance performance too, and Hosting because of her failure in tagalog speaking. The young drama actress Bea Alonzo had an drama acting exercise with her. Bea give a situation, in where she and Sandara will confront. Then, in Hosting practice, MTB Host Edu Manzano guided her to develop her skills in hosting a show. She was given pure tagalog pocket books and comics and asked her to read it for an hour by herself. After, she was asked once again to read a filipino toung twister clearly and fast. Coming next to the set of jurors, her next exercise was dancing. With the teen group Anime, she presented a dance number in front of the jurors and her co-questors. But now, the questors give also their negative and positive comments on Sandara's performance like of the jurors. Teen Quest juror Direk Lauren gave her a vote of "out", unlike Gloria Diaz who voted her "in" while Boy Abunda was an "out" vote for her.

Tuesday - May 25 2004
It's Tuesday and it's kid questor Sharlene and teen questor Joross' day. Sharlene's weakness are newscasting and drama acting, so she worked with it. As an exercise for drama acting, Sharlene was trained by child actress Serena Dalrymple and performed drama with her. News caster Doris Brigonia was her mentor to teach her more on news casting. She was given few news lines and asked to deliver it like a real news caster. Then, she also performed a drama and comedy acting in front of the kid quest jurors with teen idol Desiree Del Valle. While, teen questor Joross' weaknesses like drama acting and fashion were practiced through his celebrity mentors. In fashion statement, John Estrada was able to help him on the right clothes to wear in TV exposures. On drama acting, drama actor Jericho Rosales helped him a lot of developing his drama performance, plus having a scene with him on a situation given by Echo. Next was with the set of jurors and to present a drama acting with actor Gardo Versoza, from a confrontation scene of Jericho Rosales & Edu Manzano in "Tanging Yaman". His co-questors acted like a judge too giving their positive and negative comments on Joross' preformance. From the set of jurors, direk Lauren voted him "in" like Gloria Diaz while only Boy Abunda who gave him an "out" vote.

Wednesday - May 26 2004
It was kid questor CJ and teen questor Roxanne's day this Wednesday. Like the other questors for the past two days, they have to went into exercises mostly of their weak performances. One of Cj's weaknesses is dancing, that's why he had an exercise with his mentor, dancer Joshua Zamora. Then, he went into singing lessons with 'Star in a Million' first runner up, singer Sheryn Regis, as one of his weaknesses too. Cj was also taught by MTV Asia VJ KC Montero on being a good Video Jockey. Then finally, he went to perform in front of the kid quest jurors. With singer idol April Boy Regino, they had a song number of "Di ko kayang tanggapin". While teen questor Roxanne's weaknesses are singing and her fashion statement, so she had to undergo practice with it. With big names in recording industry, Roxanne was taught by Vina Morales and Gary Valenciano in singing. On her fashion statement, one of today's hottest idol Rica Peralejo, Roxanne wear 'kikay' clothes plus giving her a lot of advices on her fashion sense by Rica. Coming next to the set of jurors, she performed a 'lips singed' song number with 'Star for a Night' first runner up, Mark Bautista. Co-questors acted as terror jurors again on giving their reactions on her number. From the judges, Roxanne received an "out" from director Lauren, an "in" from Gloria Diaz, and an "out" for Boy Abunda.

Thursday - May 27 2004
This Thursday are kid questor Nash and teen questor Melissa's day. First it was Nash who practice on his weaknesses. On being a VJ, MYX VJ Karel Marquez guided him to be a good Video Jockey. Then, on his drama practice, he was taught and advised a lot bt former award-winning child actor, Carlo Aquino. He performed then in front of the kid quest jurors. Doing a drama acting with award winning child actor, Jiro Manio. Next was teen questor Melissa who had to recover her weaknesses through drama, comedy acting. On drama acting, she was given a lot of advices by teleserye star, Kristine Hermosa. Then in comedy acting, she was with a teleserye star too, Angelika dela Cruz. She also performed a eavy drama acting with actress Jackylyn Jose on a confrontation scene of Claudine Barretto & Vilma Santos from the movie "Anak". Her co-questors gave then their commtnts regarding on Melissa's performance. Same with the set of jurors, as direk Lauren, Gloria Diaz & Boy Abunda gave her an "out".

Friday - May 28 2004
Today, Friday are kid questor Mikylla and teen questor Hero's day to practice on their weak performances. As of the test, Mikylla's weaknesses are being a VJ and comedy acting. First, MYX VJ, Heary Evangelista taught her on being a good Video Jockey and gave her some advices too. On comedy acting, she was trained by MTB hosts and comedienne Tado and Empoy who made the kid laugh too. Coming to perform in front of the kid quest jurors, Mikylla present a comedy acting performance with female comedienne Nikki Valdez. Finally, it was time for Hero Angeles for him to undergo on her weaknesses, like his body built, hosting and comedy acting. First he was trained in the gym by 'The Hunks' member, Carlos Agassi, by teaching him on how to develop his body built and trying some gym exercises. Then, on hosting, he went into the set of 'TV Patrol' and he wastaught and advised by news anchor and talk show host, Korina Sanchez. Next was on comedy acting. The diamond star, Maricel Soriano gave her advices and teachings to Hero. Finally, he was to perform a comedy acting piece in front of the jurors and his co-questors with 'Yes Yes Show' casts Long Mejia and Candy Pangilinan. His co-questors give once again their reactions on Hero's performance. While from the set of jurors, direk Lauren, Gloria Diaz and Boy Abunda, all gice Hero an "out".

Saturday - May 29 2004
After the one week of the Star Circle Questors one week of individual day by day activities, it's the time now to be with their thousand of fans and supporters. "Live" at the Cebu Coliseum, Cebu City, it was the SCQ's Magic Circle of 5 kids and teens Grand Fans Day. Before the Cebu Coliseum show, the questors had a motorcade parade all around Cebu in where a lot of fans approached them. It was a special moment, as the questors had a bonding with their fans. Luis Manzano's co-host Jodi Sta. Maria was no there, so Rica Peralejo replaced Jodi for a while as a special co-host. The show was full of many suprises like the Videoke portion, as the teen questors had a videoke singing performance with a their fans and judged by the kid questors. They also present magic tricks with Mr. Eddie Gil, song numbers with Baron Geisler, Cheska Garcia, Luis Alandy, Mikel Campos & Nikki Valdez, and as a closing number, the kid and teen questors together performed a dance number in the tune of the SCQ theme song.

WEEK 14 :

Monday - May 31 2004

It's a new week and it's the last week for the Fab 5 kids and teens. Before they went into the Grand Finals Night in where one of them (kids and teens) is to be declared as the SCQ first Grand Questor, they went into final tests and challenges to judged them at the very last well. This day was the comparison between the two weakest questors for kids and teens since on the Top 6. The issues about kid questor Mikylla and Jodell where in why is Jodell voted out and Mikylla was in. But before the look back on their exercises they came into, it was also a look on the warm approach and welcome of Cebuanos to the kid and teen questors from their Motorcade and Grand Fans Day on Cebu City. Since the Magic Circle of 5 were revealed, the kid questors started leaving in an expensive hotel all the way to the SCQ Grand Finals. The day after the Grand Fans Day in Cebu, every kid questor's move were spotted by the camera, from their wake up in the morning until they went back to their rooms after their SCQ activities. Then, it was also a look back on the "out" kid questor Jodell, and the "in" kid questor Mikylla. Both of them was the weakest on the Top 6 and it's now to compare their performances well on the week before the Pre-Finals in Aliw Theatre with special interview with their mothers. Next on the Fab 5 teen questors. Their actions while staying in the hotel after the Aliw Theatre Pre-Finals were followed also by the camera, from their wake up in the morning up to their went back to the hotel after work. And Finally, the most controversial issue on the questors was regarding the elimination for Neri, and Sandara as "in". At last, talk show host and showbiz news writer Cristy Fermin interviewed both weakest questors on the late Top 6 and let them answere on every hot issue about them. Sandara's co-questors on Magic Circle of 5 including Neri and the Teen Quest jurors had said their messages on her.

Tuesday - June 01 2004
It's Tuesday and it's comparison between the Fab 5 questors again. Kid questors are back to school again and the camera followed each one of them on inquiring on their schools for classes. Their school teachers and staffs gave a warm welcome and approach and show their proudness to the kids as one of the Star Circle Kid Questors. Kid Questors Mikylla and Sharlene were compared considering that they are one of the most competitors on the group. Looking back on their performances, their mothers also gives messages regarding on their daughters. While the teen questors' lives in the hotel before the Grand Finals were still followed by the camera through their moves and actions. A test was also set-up to the Fab 5 Teen Questors' men, Joross and Hero without knowing it at all. Hero and Joross are mostly and always being compared considering that among the teen questors, they are the leading men and with the most number of votes. So, still Cristy Fermin had an interview with both of them in front of their co-questors and the teen quest jurors. With messages from their co-questors and from the teen quest jurors.

Wednesday - June 02 2004
After kid questor Mikylla & Sharlene were compared through their performances like of Joross & Hero too as one of the tight competitors in the Fab Five, now it's the day of measuring the skills of the remaining 3 questors for kids, CJ, Aaron & Nash, and teen lady questors Sandara, Roxanne & Melissa. The kid questor boys were measured through their past performances. Nash being the crowd favorite, Aaron as well known as the most Bibbo kid and CJ being the most good looking boy at his young age. Their fathers gave also their sides regarding the competition of their children. For teens, the female questors were followed by the camera in their stay in the hotel. At the same time that night, they were one by one interviewed about some questions regarding the contest they are into. They give their reactions on their co-questors. The three ladies were next interviewed in the studio still by Cristy Fermin infront of the teen quest jurors and their co-questors, Hero & Joross. Talk show host and writer Cristy Fermin asked each of them about some issues that surrounds their career. The male teen questors Hero & Joross also give their messages for the lady questors as well as the teen jurors too being an adviser to the ladies.

Thursday - June 03 2004
Two days before the Star Circle Quest Grand Finals. It's now the time that the Magic Circle of 5 kid and teen questors are to measure on who will make it as the Grand Questor. The performances of the Fab Five kid questors were looked back as who's really the best. From their performances up to the thousand of their supporters. Plus their parents advices and messages from their kids. While, teen questors stay once again in front of their terror teen quest jurors. But now, it's the time that they will be the one to comment and react after all their in and out moments from the jurors. Teen juror Boy Abunda who's mostly identified as the most wild judge asked the questors: Sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ninyo sa'min, ano yung pinakamasakit na natanggap niyong pagpuna sa amin? For Joross, his most memorable criticism from the juror is the one from Ms. Gloria saying that he's mayabang and from Boy identifying him as "kotseng walang gulong"". Then, Roxanne honestly says that it may her hurt when Boy Abunda said to her: "I don't like her.." which she said that might pushed her to back out. While for Melissa was the one when her voice is mostly criticized by the judges. For Sandara, the most unforgettable message she got from the jurors especially for Boy Abunda saying that she's like a cartoon character and when he said something like: "Sandara, ikaw ang pinakapanget.." which Boy clearly saying that he points it to Sandara's performance. For Hero, was the most common words he got it to Boy that he's like an "iced tea na walang eyes". And lastly, the jurors give their messages that regards to the comments said by the teen questors.

Friday - June 04 2004
On the next day will be the Star Circle Quest Grand Finals and both kid and teen questors are all ready for the Final Judgement. Kid and Teen Questors went into a lot of time of dance rehearsals, voice recording for their song numbers and fitting sessions for their elegant clothes for the most special night for them as a questor. Kid questors were once again bonded together and came to bring their last messages in front of the camera together. They all competed in words on who's the best among them in different categories. It was also their time to be open to each other saying their comments and messages for each other and at last, they all tell each one that no matter who'll be the Grand Kid Questor, they will remain as friends forever. Coming to the teen questors. Like the kids, the Fab 5 teen questors bonded together again for one last time in the quest. Between rehearsals for the Grand Finals, they were given a one day break to bond together once again in the hotel where they're staying. Using their rest day and big break in the hotel, each of them prepared their food specialties for a group dinner at night. Hero and Joross together made their own specialties in their kitchen. First, it was Joross who mixed seasonings for his pork chop and fried which he identified as "Pinork-chop ni Joross". Next it was Hero who cooked his own chicken adobo as he called it "Chicken Adobo ala Hero". While the ladies, one by one made their food forte in their kitchen. Melissa honestly says that she doesn't know how to cook any kind of dishes so she decided to just fry her own version of Omelet with ham and cheese. Then, Roxanne doesn't spent a lot of time working for the food she will prepare. She just mixed fruit cocktails, cream and milk for her Fruit Salad dessert. At last, it was Sandara who apply her cooking ability from Korea here in the Philippines, so she cooked her very own specialty of Korean Noodles. Finally, it's time for a wonderful night of the Magic Circle of 5 teen questors' dinner. They had a very good time eating together for one dinner prepared specially by themselves. After the eating session, they all looked back of their happy moments in the Quest. Then, each one of them read their written letter on a special card for each of their co-questors. After their wonderful bonding night, they came again in front of their quest jurors the next day. Before the Grand Finals Night, the jurors gave each their fearless forecast as who's they're Top 2 choices for the teens who might make it as the Grand Questor. For Director Lauren, his Top 2 picks were the mostly competed male teens, Hero & Joross. For Ms. Gloria, she selected Roxanne and Melissa that might won in the Finals. Lastly, Mr. Boy stated his choices to be the Grand Questor and they were Hero and Roxanne.

Saturday - June 05 2004
THE GRAND QUESTOR's NIGHT. Finally, the biggest moment has come. Live at Araneta Coliseum, the Grand Questor's Night. It's a very special occassion for the announcement of the Grand Kid and Teen Questors.

At 5:00 PM was the SCQ Grand Kid Questor's Night. The event starts with the wonderful introduction dance and song numbers of the Magic Circle of Five Kids. Then, they each had their own danc and song numbers. First it was aron who sung and at the same time dance in the tune of "The Fast Food Song". Second who performed was Sharlene who dramatically sing a song ala Broadway. Next was CJ, who present an ala action dance number. Then, Mikylla who shows her dance talent in the tune of "Can't help falling inlove". Lastly, was Nash who sing the "Mr. Suave" song with matching dance numbers. The kids were applaused very much because of their fantastic talents performed. It was also a 'together-again' night for them with the five kids who were lately eliminated, Celine, Basty, Alex, KC & Jodell together with the Magic Circle of 5 kids sing with the pop star Sarah Geronimo. Special awards were also given to Nash as the 'Texter's Choice' and 'Darling of the Press' and Mikylla as the 'Actor's Choice'. Before the announcement of the Grand Kid Questor, the kids went on their final walk with Judy Ann Santos. Then finally, the Kid Quest Jurors announced the winners, with the awarding of Mrs. Cory Vidanes. From the 4th Runner up - Mikylla Ramirez, 3rd Runner up- Aaron Hunatas, 2nd Runner up - CJ Navato, 1st Runner up - Sharlene Sanpedro and the Star Circle Quest Grand Kid Questor - Nash Aguas.

At 9:00 PM, after the SCQ Kids Grand Finals Night. Still at Araneta Coliseum was the SCQ Grand Teen Questor's Night. As an opening number, the Fab Five presented a dance and sing performances which noised the whole Coliseum. Like the kids, the teens also had their performances one by one. Joross who first present his dance performance. Next was the singing performance of Roxanne ala Broadway in the tune of "Bring me to Life". Third who performed is Melissa on her song number of "I'm Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman" and dance number in the tune of "Toxic". Next was Hero who performed a dance number and lastly was Sandara who performed dance number with matching singing in the tune of novelty songs like "Bulaklak" and "Spaghetti". The night was filled with surprises from the teen questors. They also had a Reunion with the Power 5 as the Magic Circle of 10 and gave a song number with today's hottest love tea,. Bea & John Lloyd. Plus the teen questors had a showdown in dance number with Vina Morales, as well as the men with Gary Valenciano. Before the final announcement of the Grand Teen Questor, they went into their final walk giving their recorder last messages with guest Erik Santos singing his winning piece "This is the Moment". And Finally, the announcement of the questors who's "out" of being the Grand Questor, awarded by Mrs. Charo Santos-Concio and Mr. Gabby Lopez (ABS-CBN Chairman). First was called was Melissa Ricks, then Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo. Left was Hero Angeles and Sandara Park and one of them will be the Grand Teen Questor. At last, Teen Quest juror Boy Abunda called Hero Angeles as the SCQ Grand Teen Questor.

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